Our Scheduled Tours – The Concept

“Wines and Tours has, what we think is a unique concept of scheduled, sequentially organised, conducted tours. This allows you to choose the length of your wine-tour holiday, within Portugal or Spain – or to link these together – making a longer wine-tasting holiday with travel from Regua in the Middle Douro almost right up to the Spanish border by boat.  

You could, if you wish, have a glorious long wine-tasting holiday starting off with a

“Luxury Tour” based at the Yeatman in Vila Nova de Gaia, continuing with

a 2-day Wine Tour to Vinho Verde and the Upper Douro,

a 5-day Wine-Tour in the Middle Douro and then have a

River Cruise plus road journey linking to our

Rioja Wine-Tour whence you can continue to our

Navarra Tour

Or you can take individual elements of the above or combinations thereof.

You choose the length of your Wine-tour.



Our planned September 2017 Wine Tours in Portugal and Spain 


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