Meet the Team

Introduction & Company background

Stemming from a successful group visit to Porto the Douro Valley by ten friends, during the last week of September 2010 – with Victor Marques of Vitoria Koi Wines, an exceptional independent Douro Valley wine producer and close associate of two UK independent wine merchants, Bill Warry and Nicholas Collis – the company Wines & Tours was launched and established early in April the following year.

Bill and Nicholas share the attitude that their wine-tours should be “fun”. They always try to ensure a good balance between winery visits and relaxation! On one of our wine-tours in Portugal, someone once remarked “We were a little worried that there might be too many people on the tour. This is just great. It is like visiting wineries with a group of friends”.

Wines & Tours offer an unusually large variety of wine-tour options, ranging from two-day tours to 12 day ones. In some countries there are even single-day excursions. Apart from dinner on an occasional free half day (that may be programmed into a tour), all our wine-tours include the cost of; 3 meals per day, all hotel accommodation, excursions, winery visits, wine tastings and all transport from the tour start to the tour finish points.

Meet the Team 

The founding team have a combined wine-trade experience of well over 50 years within the UK, handling many old and new world wine brands, made by both small independent wine producers and large well-established international wine producer groups.

Here are the profiles of the main characters: 

The expert team at Wines and Tours have been in the wine business for some time now. Read the profiles of the main characters within the business and see how time with them in an Italian vineyard or a Portuguese port lodge is time you just have to set aside.

Nicholas Collis - From The Pewsey Vale Wine Company

Nicholas Collis – From The Pewsey Vale Wine Company

Nicholas Collis – Through a personal connection, Nicholas joined the coveted wine-trade in 1972 at Gonzalez Byass, the famous sherry shipper in London and quickly adapted his sales and marketing skills, gained from previous years with other blue-chip organisations. In 1984 he was appointed brand manager for a London wine agency house, before moving his home base to Wiltshire to develop sales in the southwest together with other associated roles. Then ten years later, he started his own small wholesale wine business, The Pewsey Vale Wine Company primarily to supply wines, by the case, to his friends and neighbours, which later specialised in Hispanic wines.

Bill Warry - From Chateau Select

Bill Warry – From Château Select

Bill Warry – A modern language graduate from King’s College London, Bill spent most of his career in Marketing. He started selling wine more as a hobby than a business. Having spent many afternoons visiting vineyards in the South of France, he decided to try importing a pallet, saying to himself “ I can always drink it with my friends if I can’t sell it.” As it turns out, he did sell it and brought another two pallets that year.

In 2006 he formed Château Select Ltd to offer Old and New
World wines, by the case, on-line. This continues at; where selected imported wines from France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain are offered.


Getting in touch

To get in touch with the team from Wines & Tours, please use our contact form or call the Wines & Tours office on +44 (0) 800 135 7982 – Call us for FREE, from your land-line or Mobile now.

Or use our alternative number +44 (0) 7957 867 816.

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