Wines and Tours June 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to “Flaming June” Now that so called “Flaming June” has begun, let’s hope we will soon be fortunate to feel the breeze of tropical warmth, as the English have experienced in the U K, in past years! Many of us enjoy a day away from home occasionally, so why…

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Latest News from Wines and Tours

Did you catch our recent update about the “EBike Wine Tours?” As some of you will know, Wines & Tours started in 2011 by two wine trade friends whose love, passion and knowledge of wines spans over 50 years and continues. Our single-day English e-Bike Wine Tours launched last summer…

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Sustainable and organic

Douro Wine Region Tour & Tasting

Sustainable and organic – the way forward. Wine growers and drinkers share similar objectives, with benefits for wine tourism.   Mountain vineyards of Daniel Anastasis, owner of Santa Irene Winery in Cyprus –  high up, away from civilisation, never sprayed, never watered. As in Santorini, the vines obtain their water…

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How to make your Greek Wine Tour Longer

How to make your Greek Wine Tour Longer And a special offer! The Beautiful lady in this photograph is Chef Krystina Kalapathakos, author of the Greek cookbook, “Back to my Roots”. There is a possibility that she might conduct the cooking class at our Andros wine-tasting holiday Sometimes people travel…

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What do you want from a Wine-Tour?

Rioja Wine 3 Day Tour - Wineries & Tastings

What do you want from a Wine-Tour?   Would you like a long-wine tour holiday, packing as much as possible into travel to a distant place? Are you after 5* luxury or is a budget wine-break more in keeping with your holiday plans? At wines and Tours, we try to…

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Announcing the 2019 programme

Wines and Tours wishes a Happy Christmas to all its followers And announces its 2019 programme of tours for wine lovers   For Wines and Tours, the year 2018 has been fraught with EU regulatory challenges. We’ve risen to them! Those kind people in Brussels who govern our lives and…

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