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Our Selected wine-tour locations in Greece

Greek Wine styles like the red Demestica (blended from Cabernet Sauvignon and Agiorgitikou from the Peloponnese in Patras) and Retsina (originally made from Savatiano in the Attica area of Central Greece) along with Greek Spirits, like Metaxa Brandy (made from Savatiano, Sultanina, and black Corinth grapes) Raki and Ouzo (anise flavoured distillates) have highlighted Greece’s capability of making good alcoholic beverages.

However, in the last thirty years – wine producers in Greece are increasingly being recognised for their ability to make world-class wines. Many Greek wines now achieve outstanding international awards and are continually being endorsed by Robert Parker, wine orientated magazines, and some Masters of Wine, too.

Coupled with modern winemaking techniques, individual microclimates in many of Greece’s wine-producing regions have provided an ability to grow many French grape varieties which can sometimes blend well with Greek indigenous varietals.

To highlight an example of fine quality Greek wine production, we draw attention to Domaine Hatzimichalis, (central Greece) north of Athens. From the numerous grape varieties grown in their vineyards, they have achieved over 270 awards in the last thirty years for some of their estate wines, like Chardonnay , Assyrtiko, Athiri, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

There are well over 300 domestic wine grape varieties in Greece – notable examples are: the aromatic white Moschofilero and the red Fruit of Dionysos Agiorgitiko, found mainly in the Peloponnese, particularly around Nemea; the aromatic white variety Malagousia and the red Xynomavro grown principally in Macedonia around Thessaloniki; the white Assyrtiko grape varietal well established in the Aegean island of Santorini; the white Robola found in the Ionian island of Kefalonia; the classic Kostifali red & the elegant white Vidiano in Crete.

Wine tours offered by Wines & Tours are not just about wine & meeting winemakers, but the total experience of local culture, the cuisine that matches wines, the surrounding scenery wherever we go – all carefully balanced between wine activity and relaxation.

In addition to our suggested Greek Wine Appreciation Workshop in Andros and nearby Tinos (the Aegean isles, just east of Athens) see; we would be delighted to organise wine tours in any Greek region of your choice – based upon 90 days advance notice – for groups of 6 to 12 people maximum.

In Northern Greece (comprising well over four dozen wineries) throughout Thrace, East, Central and West Macedonia and Epirus) we suggest at least a week to see most areas, but otherwise, any number of days to suit you, ideally based in or near Thessaloniki.

For Central Greece, there are over twenty wineries (within Thessaly, the West, Fthiotis, Evia Island [Euoboea] Boeotia and Attica). As such, there are enough areas to occupy anyone for a whole week, however a two-day tour based near Atalanti is workable, so that one can compare Domaine Hatzimichalis with smaller unique ones like Ktima Mousson. Or indeed any single days, based at Vouliagmeni, on the coast south of Athens, where there at least four wineries nearby.

In the Aegean islands, there are well over four dozen wineries spread over 16 wine-producing islands. We suggest Santorini where more than a week could be spent to see most wineries. Options could be based in 5-star luxury in the town of Oia or away from the maddening crowd in a pension near Akrotiri, site of the fascinating prehistoric ruins, frozen in time by volcanic eruption.

In the Ionian Islands, we suggest visiting Kefalonia, based near the airport at Argostoli, from where all wineries are reasonably accessible over three or four days. Otherwise, there are interesting groups of over a dozen wine producers within Corfu and Zakynthos.

In Southern Greece, to see the Peloponnese, a whole week is probably ideal to cover some of over thirty wineries and best based in Nemea in the Semeli winery guest house (if available). Lastly in the large island of Crete, (where over thirty wineries are spread from the west, through to the far east, with a high concentration of wineries in the centre) being based near the capital Heraklion (Iraklion) would be perfect. The roads in the north of the island are good, so access to Chania in the west and Sitia in the east are within easy reach. Apart from the high proportion of wineries within the Irakliou prefecture, the Heraklion airport and ferry port are close by and there is lots of choice of places to relax during evenings too.

All our suggested locations are accessible by air – so the choice is yours. Wherever you would like to explore, do plan ahead and get in touch with us by e-mail now at


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