Our Past Tours

Our Past Wine Tours.


In the past, our most popular overseas wine tours have doubtlessly been in the Douro Valley, Portugal and in Rioja, Spain.

Wines and Tours developed over time a series of “Scheduled” wine tours in these and other regions with fixed itineraries and fixed dates.

We discovered that these fixed dates did not suit everyone’s holiday program and so we added “Anytime” wine tours to our offers. These allowed you to go on most of our “Scheduled” wine tours on dates of your choice.

We have now enhanced the flexibility of our offerings by turning our former “Scheduled” wine-tours into “Suggested” wine-tours leaving you free to vary both the itinerary and dates and even style of hotel (which has an important bearing on the price that we may be able to offer you).

We invite you to contact us by telephone (on +44 (0)800 135 7982) or by e-mail to our office  admin@winesandtours.co.uk to build your ideal wine-tour holiday with us. We must point out that we do need a minimum of 6 participants to make any wine-tour viable. Additionally, because we are not making provisional hotel bookings as for the “Scheduled” tours, you should allow us at least 90 days advance notice, so that we can ensure any of your future respective hotel accommodation bookings are secure.

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In the “Subject box”, please enter the country and wine region of interest and then in the “Message box” add your chosen dates (allowing us 90 days notice) and your preferences to help us create your ideal wine tour with us.

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