Day-tours Information

E-Bike Riding Experience

Day-tours Information – An E-Bike (or Electric Bike) is a power-assisted bicycle which offers riders an ability to propel themselves at a quicker pace, greater help towards an ease of faster uphill riding and consistent assistance with maintaining a good average speed up to 15 mph over sustained distances of up to about thirty miles on a single battery charge.

Working on the assumption that you are a wine enthusiast, young, middle-aged, or older – should you be in any way dubious about joining an e-bike vineyard or wine tour with us, then please consider that cycling offers many health benefits – like improving your overall fitness and wellbeing, together with good joint movement and help towards better heart and brain functions.

On our UK e-bike vineyard or wine tours, you can expect to cover between 15 to 20 miles in a day and experience some beautiful countryside, interspersed with a good lunch and the main theme of learning more about the aspects of English winemaking and tasting the differing wine styles produced!


Planned UK E-Bike Wine Tour Dates

Please click the link – to view a list of our 2023 planned e-Bike wine tour Dates  on our current three associated routes in Southeast England.


Wine Tasting Sample Measures

Wine samples offered to you during any UK vineyard tour with us, will be no more than 30ml per sample measure, each of which is equivalent to 1/25th of a standard 75cl bottle of wine.

As a level of your safety – we recommend the following procedure during any wine tasting session on an e-Bike vineyard or wine tour with us. First, note the colour and clarity of each wine. Secondly, nose (or smell) the wine to gain an idea of its aroma. Thirdly, take a small sip of wine sample presented to you, noting its style and taste and afterwards, spit out the remainder of the wine. Then simply repeat the above three steps for each consecutive wine sample.


Single-day e-Bike tour timings

As an average, the timings of our English e-Bike vineyard or wine tours are geared to start at 10:00 in the morning and finish at 17:00 in the afternoon – on weekdays (Monday to Friday) only.


What to expect on our single-day English E-Bike Vineyard Tours

Each of our (current) three UK single-day e-bike vineyard or wine tours include our wine-tour leader (fully conversant on oenology and viticulture), hired E-Bike transport with safety helmet & high-vis vest, and a small bottle of water. You will experience two visits to wine producers, interspersed by a charcuterie lunch with an accompanying glass of wine. Each wine producer will offer three or four wines to sample – so do please be careful as to how much alcohol you consume regarding your safety and balanced ability to control an e-Bike, after each venue visit.



Wines and Tours will be-covered by Public Liability Insurance during any vineyard or wine tour we conduct, but none of our tours cater for your travel insurance or any other form of insurance particular to you (the booker) and members within your group. 

(Last reviewed in February 2023).

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