Anytime Tours – The concept

Wine Tour groups are great fun, but there may be occasions when you don’t want to go on an organised tour.

The dates may not fit with your schedule, or you may want to include only a little wine-tasting in your holiday. Or you may want to get together with friends of your own.

As well as the tour groups that we research and conduct personally, we offer a large number of freedom tours whereby you choose your dates (subject to hotel availability).

Port Lawrence Wine Glasses


Freedom Wine – Douro Wine Trip

Freedom Wine – Cyprus wine Routes

Freedom Wine – Wonders of Lisbon



Freedom Wine – Flavours of the Earth

Freedom Wine – Oporto and Douro

Freedom Wine – Alentejo Wine Trip


Freedom Wine – Winelands Algarve


Freedom Wine – Santorini


To book a place on any of our tours – Please leave a deposit.


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