ITALY’S SARDINIA – from Thursday 29th September

Sardinia, that beautiful island of the Mediterranean whose history goes back to Neolithic times, an island bathed in sunshine and surrounded by beautiful beaches and striking caves of splendid stalactites (the ones hanging from above) and stalagmites, the ground-based ones.

This is an island where almost every family produces its own wine, so entrenched is the wine making tradition here. Everywhere you will hear of a red-grape variety called Cannonau. It is the same grape that is known in France as Grenache and in Spain as Garnacha. We’ll include a brief visit to a friend’s family’s vineyard and home-wine making facilities. Have a look at .

We are offering two tours this year: A 3- day (4 nights) wine tour or a 4- day (5 nights) wine and food tour, the latter including a cookery class on the last day at Il Querceto, the hotel where we will be staying. We will see how fresh pasta is made and learn to cook pasta to perfection.

The 3-day tour commences with a welcome dinner at 8pm in the Querceto’s Bistro restaurant on the evening of Thursday 29th September and finishes at around 4pm on Sunday the 2nd October. The 4-day tour continues till around 3pm on Monday 3nd October though room check out is at noon. We will start our cookery class in the late morning then eat the fruits of our creation over lunch with some nice Cannonau.

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We will be seeking during this holiday, to complement wine-interest activity with the other interesting facets of this beautiful island. As well as visiting wineries and tasting wines, we’ll give you the opportunity to visit caves, accessible only by sea. These are full of awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites; we’ll give you the opportunity to go hiking along a breath-taking canyon or simply to take a gentler mountain walk. For those for whom such activity is too strenuous we’ll offer the alternative of visits to museums and exhibitions in town.

On the morning of the 30th Sept, we plan to concentrate on Dorgali. We’ll visit the big wine-making Co-operative in the town, possibly even the nearby cheese-making factory. After lunch we’ll visit the Biodynamic Winery of Atha Ruja for a tour of the vineyards, wine tasting and a little bit of food pairing. There will be time for a walk in the beautiful countryside and a little tour of the town.

On Saturday, 1st October, the plan is to visit two wineries near Oliena and possibly have lunch at one of them. One thing that is quite outstanding in Sardinia is the amount of organic production that goes on, often biodynamic even.

Sunday, is reserved for sightseeing. We’ll go down to Calaganone and take the boat (subject to weather) to the nearby sea caves and then continue to a beautiful beach a little further on. There are many options for later.  For those who have the time, we could visit the town of Nuoro.

For the three day tour members, we’ll arrange suitable transfers to your selected airport. For the four-day group we have our cookery class on Monday the 3rd October at the hotel. Although the rooms need to be cleared by noon, the tour ends in the afternoon after a leisurely lunch, eating the food we have prepared in the cookery class.

What is included and what is not included?

Flight arrangements and/or transport to the start and from the finish points are not included (though if you have come via our 2 day Navarra tour Paul link to Navarra page, free transport , except for the flight, is  provided from the end of the Navarra tour to our hotel in Dorgali).  Otherwise, all transport, accommodation, meals, winery visits, and other visits are included from the tour start to the end point.

We show here our draft outline of our plans. If you would like a detailed itinerary, please request one, by e-mail at  or phone us for FREE on 0800 135 7982 and ask to speak to Nicholas Collis.


Each tour is booked with a €200 non-refundable deposit per person to enable us to firmly secure the hotel accommodation. The balance will become payable by bank transfer 60 days before the tour commences.

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Costs in euros (€)

Cost  for the 3-day wine tour is €837 per person. The price is based on two people sharing, with a single person supplement of €150. To book the 3-day wine tour in Sardinia with a €200 per person deposit by Paypal or credit card click here.

Cost  for the 4-day wine and food tour is €967 per person.  The price is based on two people sharing with a single person supplement of €175. To book the 4-day wine and food tour in Sardinia with a €200 per person deposit by Paypal or credit card click here.

As there is so much to see in Sardinia , we can well understand if you want to extend your stay. If so we will be pleased to arrange extra nights at Il Querceto at special rates for you.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, please use the form below to get in contact with Wines and Tours.

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