Announcing the 2019 programme

Wines and Tours wishes a Happy Christmas to all its followers
And announces its 2019 programme of tours for wine lovers


For Wines and Tours, the year 2018 has been fraught with EU regulatory challenges. We’ve risen to them! Those kind people in Brussels who govern our lives and the shape of the bananas we are allowed to buy, decided that we should have the same ABTA type insurance as the big corporates! Well, we prepared numerous spreadsheets answered loads of questions such as “do the hotels we choose have creches?” (Have creches? We are a wine tour company for goodness sake!). We then spent oodles of money and managed to secure membership of The Travel Vault, who helped us to become fully compliant with these wretched EU regulations. The whole process took so long that 2018 was a total write-off, but we are now raring to go with a better-than-ever programme for 2019.

When you have pulled your last cracker, when you have eaten your Christmas Pudding, when you have no more mince pies and are relaxing comfortably in your armchair with a glass of Port, browsing through holiday possibilities for the summer, think of us and consider holidaying with Wines and Tours (and more Port). We have added even more style to our flagship Douro Valley Tour, but not forgotten to include a budget option too.

And do please check out our new Champagne Tour and our Andros Wine-Tasting Holiday  

Chances are that you might have had some Champagne over this Christmas break. Our Champagne Tour will give you an insight into how it came to be created and how it is made – plus you will have the opportunity to taste some great Champagnes AND, of course, some wonderful French Gastronomy.

Further afield, we offer you a dream holiday in Greece! Seven days of magical bliss on the island of Andros with Greek wine and gastronomy and a host of interesting activities.  

Wines and Tours - Champagne Tour

Wines and Tours – Champagne Tour

Wines and Tours - Andros Wine-tasting holiday

Wines and Tours – Andros Wine-tasting holiday

More on our Champagne Tour here. More on our Andros Wine-tasting holiday here.

We’re working on an exciting optional extra for the Andros Tour. More on that in our next newsletter.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Break.

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