Planning the Perfect holiday

Planning the Perfect holiday for Wine-loving Golfers and their Spouses

Although the worst of the long nights was over, sunset was still pretty early. As darkness began to fall, I was being shown round the grounds of Cyprus’ Aphrodite Hills Hotel, resort. “Gosh I couldn’t walk around like this with a short sleeved T-shirt in England at the end of January,” I said to myself. That was certainly true, I imagined being back home, in the arctic-like conditions of January. Here I was enjoying a perfect evening.

Planning the Perfect holiday - Superb Golf

Planning the Perfect holiday – Superb Golf

This area is well noted for its Golf. Aphrodite Hills itself has the best course, but there are three other prized ones nearby. It is a very popular destination for Golf lovers the world over. With some stunning scenery to be enjoyed while playing Golf, it is sure to be one of the most luxurious places to take a Golf and Wine Tour.

Planning the Perfect holiday - Sparkling Pool

Planning the Perfect holiday – Sparkling Pool

Paphos itself has a great mixture of sun, fun, history and culture.  It is the most popular region for tourists, and appeals to everyone, of all ages and interests. There is something here for everyone. Many people have come to this region and had their perfect dream holiday. With crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches it is easy to see why it presents such a fantastic experience. But this offers so much more than the perfect holiday, it’s more than just the weather. Although many come to this region for its climate and scenery, it just has so much more to offer.

The reason for my being here was simple. I was spending two days in Paphos researching a planned Golf and Wine Tour for Wines and Tours. Generally we organise wine tours for wine aficionados, but we felt that many Golfers love wine and many Wine Enthusiasts might like to try their hand at a little golf. Paphos seemed the perfect location for combining the two. Aphrodite Hills even caters for Golf widows, with a whole host of activities such as horse riding, tennis courts, the gym, the spa not to mention the private beach. Aphrodite Hills is certainly the crème de la crème of luxury Golf resorts in free Cyprus. This really is the perfect location that we were looking for.

Planning the Perfect holiday - Magnificent Wine

Planning the Perfect holiday – Magnificent Wine

Playing Golf in the Aphrodite Hills resort appeals to everyone. Many people have even played their first game here. It has some of the most stunning natural surroundings that you could wish for. The scenic appeal makes the holiday so much more than just a Golf Holiday or a Wine Holiday. Non golf-playing partners might even be tempted into a Golf lesson or two. Of course the Pro would be thrilled with the Champion Golf Course and Winery visits and Wine Tasting make up the icing on the cake for the perfect holiday.

The next decision was to decide on the best itinerary. As this was a holiday destined to appeal to both Golfers and Wine Enthusiasts alike, there are many options. Should we choose complete Golf days followed by complete Wine Tour days or combine the two activities in the one day? In the end I decided that the activities should be combined for the most part. That way there would always be enough interest for everyone, and it would appeal to both those whose interest is predominantly golf and those whose interest is predominantly wine. The Aphrodite Hills Resort has made quite a name for itself in golfing centre, but the abundance of nearby wineries also make it the ideal base for the perfect wine tour.

Some of the wine villages on the foothills of Troodos are incredibly picturesque. Take Lamneia, for example. It is in the most perfect setting and the area is famous for its Commandaria Wine.  Many of the wineries such as Vasilikon in Kathikas and Kolios Winery in Statos Agios Fotios produce wonderful prize-winning wine. The spotless and modern Vouni Panagia’s   winery in the most beautiful mountain setting is one of the wineries to be visited.

Planning the Perfect holiday - Fascinating Culture

Planning the Perfect holiday – Fascinating Culture

Now the question in my mind for achieving the perfect holiday was this:  Should we go for a full board up-market holiday or a more budget priced one or should we offer both as we do with our Portuguese wine tours?  In the first instance I decided on the former, but we may produce a budget version too.

There is one thing I am most certain of, that we will be offering a holiday to be remembered! With a combination of interesting wineries, great wine and locations and some of the finest Golfing opportunities you could imagine, this will certainly appeal to both Wine Lovers and Golfers alike with a glorious cocktail of Golf, Wine and stunning landscape.

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