What do you want from a Wine-Tour?

What do you want from a Wine-Tour?


Would you like a long-wine tour holiday, packing as much as possible into travel to a distant place? Are you after 5* luxury or is a budget wine-break more in keeping with your holiday plans?

At wines and Tours, we try to cater for all tastes and every type of wine aficionado, the casual and the connoisseur.
In today’s Newsletter, we are highlighting a way of having your cake and eating it, of having the luxury and trimming the cost.

We invite you to make significant savings by booking with friends. We are making a special Early bird offer for a group of four friends booking either of two special holidays:

  1.   Our combined triple luxury wine-tour for Portugal and Spain consisting of :-
  1. Douro Valley 6-day Wine Tour starting Sunday 8th Sept 2019, €3357 per person (2 people sharing room)
  2. 2-country Wine Tour Portugal to Spain by boat starting Saturday 14th Sept, £1987 per person (2 people sharing room)
  3. 3-day Rioja Wine Tour starting Friday 17th September 2019, £1757 per person (2 people sharing room)

So, this combined triple wine-tour would start at 8pm on Sunday 8th September 2019 at the Yeatman hotel in Porto and finish at 5pm on Friday 20th September 2019 in Logroño. The cost would normally be €7101.00 but book a group of four or more with your non-refundable deposit of €200 per person per tour (€600 per person) and you could go on the complete tour for only €6400 per person – a saving of €700 per person.

Should you be travelling from the other side of the world such as from Canada or Australia, you might wish for an even longer tour. Book in January or February 2019 for a group of 4 friends and we can also tailor-make an additional bespoke section before The 8th September in Portugal or after the 20th September in Spain.

2.     Our special Offer on our 7-day Wine-tasting holiday on the Greek island of Andros.

Each day will offer at least one activity related to wine, whether visiting a winery, eating at a restaurant that makes its own wines, or tasting Greek wines back at base. However, more emphasis than usual is placed on the “holiday” aspect of the seven days in paradise. Participants have the chance to soak up the magic of a Greek island in 5* luxury. There are numerous “holiday” activities that can be enjoyed. Examples are a conducted hike through nature, trails, yoga or time at the beach (or pool).

Check out the programme that we have prepared for this fabulous Greek island wine holiday.

The wine-tasting holiday starts on the evening of the 6th July 2019 and ends on the 13th July 2019.

The cost is €2900 per person (2 people sharing room) but make your booking in January or February for four to six people and the offer price will be only €2490 per person.
For this tour, as well, there will be special options aimed mainly at the long distance travellers, to extend the tour to include some days in Athens, in Central Greece and possibly Crete or Santorini. When bespoke plans such as these are organised it is essential to make arrangements early to ensure availability. This is another reason for urging acceptance of the “Early bird” offer.

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