Santorini 3rd October to 10th October

Santorini – three reasons why a wine-tour holiday in Santorini should be on everybody’s bucket list.

  • Santorini, famous for its stunning sunsets, is perhaps the most romantic of the Greek islands. Near one of the windmills in Oia, is the spot where, it is said more marriage proposals are made here than anywhere else in the world.
  • The historical perspective opened to us by the volcano of approximately 1700BC is fascinating. Our earliest historical writings in Europe come from Herodotus and Thucydides some 2500 years ago. The volcanic eruption has frozen the buildings of the epoch, giving us a snapshot of life 4000 years ago. We see a highly developed civilisation – a complex sewage system, houses with several floors, intricate wall murals and a shop where goods were bartered long before coinage was invented.
  • It is also fascinating to see how nature (coupled with man’s ingenuity) has come up with its own solutions to the difficulties it has brought to the island’s inhabitants. There is barely enough water on the island for drinking and washing – none to be spared for watering plants, but the pumice from the volcanic lava acts as a sponge, absorbing the morning dew and feeding it to the vines and other plants during the day. Also, because bugs cannot live in the volcanic soil, the island has avoided the Phylloxera that plagued the rest of Europe and additionally results in little or no need for pesticides. Fruit on the island is some of the tastiest you can imagine.

We are looking to offer a superb budget-priced wine tour, staying at the off-the-beaten-track, at a small pension hotel in Akrotiri. We will be visiting five wineries and a wine museum during our week on the island, but will also be taking you to the excavations of Akrotiri, and on a three island boat-trip including the volcanic island of Caldera, the hot springs of Nea Kameni and Thirasia. Six meals are included in the cost of the holiday as we assume you may want some of them on your own in the charming tavernas dotted round the island.

Our last evening will be spent together over a sunset dinner at the Fanari restaurant in Oia. We promise this will be an evening to remember.

Cost of the week’s holiday is £620 based on two people sharing (£180 single person supplement) to include the 7 nights’  accommodation and breakfast, airport transfers, a three island boat-trip, 6 meals, one visit to a wine museum and five winery visits.

OPTION: You can have a private tour (minimum two people) on other dates subject to hotel and guide availability. The cost will be a little higher particularly in full season. E-mail your preferred dates and number of people for a quote at .  Should you prefer your private tour to be based at a five star luxury hotel, this can be organised too.

To book the tour with a £100 deposit CLICK HERE.

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