Tours of the Sherry Triangle 2015

This is the tour of the Sherry Triangle 2015, for information on the 2016 Spanish tours – click here.

Based upon a minimum of 4 people (or more) and your advanced notice to us of 60 days – you can book your own group tour – by selecting any two consecutive week days, at any time of the year.
To place your booking – once you have decided the best dates for your group – simply email when we will, after checking hotel availability, request your deposit of £100 per person and then forward your itinerary.

Sherry at elevenses is steeply entrenched in British tradition. Our tour gives you the chance to see the making of sherry and the culture that surrounds it. Tour-group members are invited to book in at the appropriately-named “Sherry Park” hotel in Jerez de la Frontera in time for dinner at say 21:00 hrs in the hotel restaurant – the evening before your chosen first day.

The whole trip presents a fascinating opportunity to see a number of the bodegas in which Sherry is made and to taste the many styles of Sherries, wines and brandies.

The area is also steeped in history dating back to Roman times and later followed by Moorish occupation. In fact Jerez de la Frontera is so called because it once stood on the frontier between the Moorish and Christian realms.  British merchants have been involved in the wine trade there for centuries producing and shipping that fortified wine known as “Sherry”.

The first morning we start off with a little sightseeing in Puerto de Santa Maria before proceeding to visit the Bodegas Osborne where we will taste their Sherries after a short tour. We continue with a delightful mix of bodega visits, tastings and gastronomy and more sightseeing.

The cost of the holiday inclusive of 3 nights hotel accommodation (based on two people sharing a room), travel between locations, tastings and three meals a day is £475 per person.   There is a single person supplement of £90.   Price excludes flights and transfers to and from the hotel.

This is the tour of the Sherry Triangle 2015, for information on the 2016 Spanish tours – click here.

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