Jose Berger wine educator

Our video shows our wine educator friend, Jose Ramon Jimenez Berger, (Jose Berger for short) in full swing during the evening start of our 4-day Rioja wine-tour in September 2016.
In the last two years, we asked Jose Berger to introduce some of the styles of Rioja wines during our initial evening (prior to the start of our annual 4-day Rioja wine-tour), to give our guests an idea about the versatility, taste and the aptness of pairing Rioja wine with food on a Pintxo bar crawl (pintxos are like tapas) by visiting six different wine bars in Logrono.


Being a native of La Rioja, Jose Berger gained a diploma in oenology (the study of wines) company management, viticulture (the study of grape cultivation) and wine tourism at the Lycée Agricole de Montagne Saint Emilion in France and is very familiar with all wines made within the Rioja wine district of North Spain, whether from Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa or Rioja Baja (being the three different sub regions).
Nicholas Collis
Wines & Tours Ltd.

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