7 Tips for Getting The Best Out of Your Wine Tour

If you are preparing to join us on our August or September Wine Tours or are taking your own trip to a vineyard or region this season, we have put together our 7 top tips to get the best out of your wine tour.

  1. Set off relaxed.
    We all try to do too much in our hurly burly world. Leave yourself time to get to the airport so that you are not setting off almost out-of-breath.
  2. You will be having plenty to eat and drink during the tour.
    You will enjoy it all the more if you don’t start off bloated after a heavy meal and partying the night before.
  3. You may want nice shoes for the evening meals…
    …but there will be some walking in vineyards so wear practical shoes in the day, shoes that can get dusty without worry and are not too hot.
  4. You won’t need a lot of clothes.
    However it is a good idea to include a light sweater in case of freak cool evenings – specially in the case of autumn trips.
  5. Photographic or video equipment should be small.
    If you are travelling on a budget airline remember that they can be very fussy about weight and volume of hand luggage. It is advisable for photographic equipment to be of the compact variety that can be tucked in your pocket.
  6. Read up on the local area you are going to.
    You may be interested to read up on local wines. Ask the organisers for advice on suitable books.
  7. Don’t forget your notebook!
    You will be tasting a lot of wines and you are likely to find some that particularly take your fancy, It can be hard to remember afterwards what was what. It is a good idea to take with you a small note pad to record some notes. The high tech way will be to talk into a video camera.

Specific wine tours many have other requirements for things that you will need to take and prepare for. Make sure that you ask what your tour organiser if there is anything that you need to consider.