How to make your Greek Wine Tour Longer

How to make your Greek Wine Tour Longer
And a special offer!

Krystina Kalapathakos Guest chef at Wines and Tours

Krystina Kalapathakos Guest chef at Wines and Tours

The Beautiful lady in this photograph is Chef Krystina Kalapathakos, author of the Greek cookbook, “Back to my Roots”. There is a possibility that she might conduct the cooking class at our Andros wine-tasting holiday

Sometimes people travel a long way to come on one of our tours. If you are coming from the Americas or Australia or Hong Kong you don’t really want to be flying back just a few days after you have arrived. That is why we are making it possible for you to prolong your wine tour enjoyment.

For our Andros Wine-tasting holiday, we are offering as an optional extra, three days in Athens. For this, the hotel is not included as we decided to leave it to you to choose the level of luxury that suits your pocket, but we are happy to help you choose one.

Here is the itinerary:
Day 1) We organise travel from Andros to Athens. We leave you a little time to refresh in your hotel and embark on an evening tour of Athens highlights, visiting authentic Athenian restaurants and having dinner at a traditional restaurant.

Day 2) A seven-hour tour of the city and the Acropolis.

Day 3) Athens for Foodies a special tour to finalise this exciting Greek experience. You will have on this tour 15 tastings of Greek food.

The cost of this three-day tour is 490 euros per person including travel from Andros, but not including Athens hotel costs.

But here is the exciting bit Book your Andros 7-day wine tasting holiday with a £200 non-refundable deposit by the end of February and you can have the three-day Athens tour FREE.

If you have opted for the earlier offer of a reduced price for coming as a group of friends, the Free Offer still applies – but it is only valid if you firmly book your Andros holiday by the end of February 2019.

And if you want a longer time still, you might consider coming with us on our 8-day Cyprus Wine Tour 18th to 25th July.
For your interest, we would mention that we are currently exploring options for wine tours in Crete and in Central Greece.

If you would like something a little bit different to what we offer, tell us and we will see what we can do. E-mail us at

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