Wine paring with Soutzoukakia Smyrne-ika

How to Cook and what to Drink with Soutzoukakia Smyrne-ika


“Let me get this straight,” said Annabelle. “So, these people who sign up for this holiday will go to one of the most beautiful Greek islands and they have a choice between spending a lot of time on the beach or going on hikes or drinking a lot of wine.”

“No, no,” I interjected. I think everyone who comes will want to drink a lot of wine.

Jesting apart, I should mention, that all our events provide more than enjoyable drinking; they provide interesting wine education.

My friend, Annabelle, is unique in Cyprus. She is a wine vlogger – a wine video blogger. We were making a video on how to prepare Soutzoukakia Smyrne-ika (those delicious sausage-shaped meatballs that originate from Smyrna) and were considering various wines that could pair well with them. In the process, we chatted about the wine tours. She and her husband made a lovely video.

Do have a look at the video below.


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