Wines and Tours June 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to “Flaming June”

Now that so called “Flaming June” has begun, let’s hope we will soon be fortunate to feel the breeze of tropical warmth, as the English have experienced in the U K, in past years!

Many of us enjoy a day away from home occasionally, so why not join us on one of our superb E-Bike Wine Tour Days in Kent or Sussex in southeast England.

Whether or not you are familiar with riding an E-Bike, the technology involved presents you with a thrilling feeling of having an ability to cycle wherever you wish, without being in any way hesitant about tackling short inclines, slopes, or hills on any of our three distinctive English E-Bike wine tour routes.

E-Bike in the Vineyard

E-Bike in the Vineyard

In creating our E-Bike wine tour initiative last summer, we were particularly aware that our journeys should avoid main roads – wherever possible – so to familiarise yourself a bit more about the sort of day, any of our e-bike wine tours offer, the following notes present a flavour on all three of our individual E-Bike wine tour routes within Kent and East Sussex.

Antonin UaRuairc describes the picturesque “Garden of England” ME18 route in Kent:

“One away from the main drag, cycling on quiet country lanes, resplendent views of countryside vistas hove into view as hills were crested with ease, thanks to the joy of the electric boost button of the E-Bike. Yotes Court vineyard gives an opportunity to see modern viniculture in practice and at Mereworth Wines there’s the opportunity to discuss the technical aspects of winemaking and even to see the machinery that is essential to modern wine production. A special day out in a region that has bygone memories of England’s past but shows the modern dynamism of a flourishing wine industry.”

And here’s some recollections from Alexander Meaney on the TN26 route (also in Kent):

Highly enjoyable tour and tastings of both Gusbourne and Woodchurch estates; both quite different experiences, producing fine wines. Combining some E-Biking in this beautiful Kent countryside area, taking in local landmarks with a true glimpse behind the scenes into top-level producers is ideal for all wine lovers wishing to sample this incredibly exciting new wine region, right here on our shores!”

Sophie Griffiths enthuses a little of the delights on our TN31 route in East Sussex:

“The TN31 wine tour is a real adventure – almost straight away after setting off you are fully immersed in wild and wonderful countryside. I was delighted to discover how easy and enjoyable the E-bike was to ride; the uphill parts and more rugged terrain were all made manageable even if we felt that we’d earned our tasting at each destination! Oxney Organic feels delightfully hidden away ‘off the beaten track’ while Charles Palmer enjoys the most stunning panoramic view across the valley, more Provence than Sussex!”

Our three English E-Bike wine tours are each geared to a specific weekday, the ME18 route in picturesque Kent meets at Wateringbury rail station on selected Wednesdays, the TN26 route (also in Kent) starts and finishes at Appledore rail station on selected Thursdays and for its great views the TN31 route in East Sussex (known for its historic sites) starts and ends at Rye rail station on selected Fridays. Pick out your closest region!

These spectacular E-Bike Wine Tours are ideal for networking or team building groups. Ideal numbers are between six to eight adult participants.


Whatever day or route suits you and your friends, our immediate upcoming E-Bike wine tour dates are: 

ME18 (meets in Wateringbury, Kent)

22 June (book by 8 June), 6 July and 20 July (bookings by 22 June & 6 July respectively).

TN26 (meets in Appledore, Kent)

23 June (booking by 14 June), 7 July and 21 July (booking by 28 June & 12 July respectively).

TN31 (meets in Rye, East Sussex)

24 June (booking by 15 June), 15 July and 22 July (booking by 5 July & 13 July respectively).

Gusbourne Sparkling

Gusbourne Sparkling

Cost options on our English single-day E-Bike Wine Tours range from between £175 to £320 per person, so for more information please send an email to to get a specific quote.







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