Your Perfect Wine Tour

Perfect Wine TourWhat makes a perfect wine tour?

In our mind it’s quite simple – it’s first and foremost a wine tour that is fun, a wine tour that is made up of great, fun-loving people, tasting lovely wines, enjoying local gastronomy and traveling through beautiful countryside.

It should be relaxing, it should be informative. It should make one feel good to be there.

A tremendous amount of time and planning go into the wine tours arrange by Wines & Tours, and this year’s two Portugal trips have been personally visited by both Nicholas Collis and Bill Warry.

They went in March to the Quintas that they chose for the trips, spoke to all the owners or, in some cases, managers and even timed how long it took to get to each destination.

What has been gratifying is to hear several people tell us on each of our tours:

“We enjoyed ourselves so much, we’d like to come again if we can make it.”

Where would you like to go?

If you have the perfect wine tour in mind and would like to ask us to explore where you would like to go, please tell us where your perfect wine tour would take you.

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